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Heath Wallace - front end

Client: Heath Wallace

Job Type: Contracted

Tags: Front-end - HTML5, CSS, accessibility


I was contracted to work for Heath Wallace, a digital agency in Reading, where I was responsible for the font-end development of website templates for one of the biggest global financial services companies from PSD's that were provided.

The templates were coded in HTML with CSS3 and some javascript/jQuery components that were managed by their own javascript team. The work included creating many highly stylised interface elements whilst maintaining accessibility and cross browser compatibility from IE7 and above.

We called Tony in as a front-end developer for an urgent project. He was able to get up to speed very quickly with our internal systems and software.

His attention to detail and understanding of accessibility gave us confidence in his ability to deliver to the high standards that our clients expect. Our internal teams and our clients were very happy working with Tony, the assets that he delivered were very well received. Tony very quickly found his way into our preferred resource list and we will not hesitate to use him again should the need arise.

Louis Briggs (Head of creative development @ Heathwallace)