Learn My Way website.

English My Way responsive website

Client: Tinder foundation (formerly UK online Centres)

Job Type: Contracted

Tags: Front-end - Visual Design, UI, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Responsive


Having completed work on the upgrade to Learn My Way, a modified version of the website was needed which looked part of the family whilst having different functionality, requiring a new set of components as well as remaining responsive across a variety of devices.

I started by creating visuals of the proposed new layout from wireframes that the client provided. Once approved I started work on creating a set of templates. I worked closely with the Drupal developer to incorporate the templates into the system and create the new components for the website which included:

  • Completely new visual layout
  • Topic panels and progress indicators
  • Learner management components
  • Modified modal treatment
  • Cross-browser Audio/Video player embedding in modals
  • Navigational elements
  • Interactive form elements

jQuery was ustilised in order to enable space saving techniques and manage component positioning and layout as well as dealing with responsive elements whilst maintaining cross-browser compatibility with support back to IE7.

With English My Way, Tony went far beyond the brief of 'a modified 'Learn My Way' to produce a design that very much had it's own identity. He worked collaboratively with the rest of the team to deliver a site that has been well received by stakeholders and end users alike. His skill and speed have been hugely helpful in being able to deliver to the deadline.

James Speake, Head of Digital

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