echelon Processfix website.

echelon Processfix website

Client: echelon Consultancy

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Visual design / Build - XHTML, CSS, jQuery / Manage


I have a long running business relationship with echelon Consultancy, one of my main clients who I have been working with since 2004. In late 2010 they decided to launch 2 new areas of their business and commissioned me to design and produce one of them, echelon Processfix.

I was responsible of the visual design and coding of the websites, built in transitional XHTML with some CSS3 and jQuery enhancements to the UI. The approach taken to the website design was more in the wa of brochureware, with emphasis on the content - highlighting calls to action and testimonials. Some more advanced CSS3 animations were used, most noticebly the rotation of the 'green arrows at the top of the page.

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