DAAP website.

DAAP website

Client: DAAP

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Visual design / Build - XHTML, CSS, jQuery / Accessibility / Manage


I was commissioned by Perminder Dhillon who runs the DAAP charity I was responsible for the re-design and build of a new website for them. Their old website was badly coded, had a awful UI and was not doing them justice.

The website was built using XHTML and was targeted at browser going back to IE6. jQuery plugins were used to optimise space, adding sliding news and events panels. I made use of CSS3 enhancements for the UI with fallbacks for older browsers where applicable. Accessibility was also important, so addition features were added such as a server-side style-sheet switcher, alternative stylesheets, skip links, alternate links to an accessible video player as well as the correct use of ‘alt ‘and ‘title’ attributes throughout the website.

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