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Acquablend website

Client: Acquablend

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Front-end - HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Responsive


I was commissioned by Acquablend to take an off-the-shelf responsive Wordpress template and integrate their brand and their products into the website.

This involved modifying a lot of the CSS as well as providing new imagery and some bespoke jQuery functions to override the layout and introduce some new interface elements.

This is an ongoing project and will change over time as the products and the brand develops as well as the technology.

Having Tony work on my web presence overall has brought order to an otherwise chaotic image being presented of the Company. His attention to detail, great suggestions and image ideas are making a huge impact online. Visuals and styling are always fresh and modern and our websites are now fully responsive.

Our online campaigns are always recognisable as Tony ensures that the quality is always kept high, right from an email in your inbox to the website.

Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

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