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Client: Acquablend

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Front-end - Visual Design, UI, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Responsive, WordPress, WooCommerce


As the Acquablend business has expanded, it now both the US, UK and Europe. This has meant there was a need to create separate sites for the regions to deal with tailored content and products, where previously they were shared.

Built as a multisite in WordPress, these ahd new domains mapped to serve the USA, UK/Europe as well as a corporate site.

I built a series of bespoke components that allow a better use of imagery for custom headers at responsive sizes, which only load for the viewport assigned to them, as well as transforming the shops to display offer coupons and savings and other interface enhancements that were not native to wordpress or the theme.

After having done an excellent job for us on a previous project, we had no hesitation in re-engaging Tony to develop and manage our new international site. We knew that we needed a good communicator with all the other skills required to help co-ordinate the various software providers, with a level of clarity that ensured that we got exactly what we asked for.

Tony definitely has the skills to work within a fast-changing, agile based environment. Providing the confidence to allow us to leave Tony to do what he had to, while we ran the business.

Tony’s solid work ethic and attention to detail was prefect for our project. Our customers seem to be very happy with the results too.

Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

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