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Front end development

Client: Acquablend

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Visual Design, Exhibition design, web design, DTP


I was commissioned by Acquablend to design an exhibition stand for them at the Be:FIT London exhibition along with a landing page, social media imagery, printed materials and a video presentation.

The space was 3 x 2 metres and included a table for preparing fruit infused water recipes, the walls on the main face were designed with imagery to reflect the brand and the ease of use of the product.

The event was extremely successful and generated more sales than expected by the client and the social media campaign has had a lasting effect with awareness and likes increasing daily.

"An absolutely fantastic job" – Right from mock-ups to the final product, Tony has his finger on the pulse. Our social media campaign, website event pages, leaflets and exhibition stand all blended wonderfully together, giving us the size and clout of a company much bigger than we are!

Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

View the Acquablend BEFIT web page

View the Acquablend BEFIT video presentation