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Acquablend eCommerce website

Client: Acquablend

Job Type: Personal client

Tags: Front-end - Visual Design, UI, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Responsive, WordPress, WooCommerce


This was a very large project, taking the old website which had static links to Amazon and creating a new multisite Wordpress network to handle two eCommerce website for the US and UK customers. This involved integrating the a plugin that would allow the client to take payments whilst maintaining fulfillment from Amazon.

There was a lot of new CSS written and functions with jQuery in order to create the useablility and visual impact that the client wanted. This involved a custom masonry grid for the header of the website on the home page that would guide visitors to key content on the website. As well as re-styling some of the out-of-the-box WooCommerce pages to be in more keeping with the website.

Tony has undertaken a fantastic job in developing our e-commerce solution. His attention to detail and ability to communicate complex concepts provided the ideal platform for the creation of new ideas, just as creating user interfaces designed to increase Customer Engagement. Knowing that Tony was as part of the team really allowed us to concentrate on Sales Development and other areas.

Tony has a wide range of skills with a deep understanding of his field. He provides a 360 degree view of the task/challenge in relation to your business, giving you complete confidence in his ability to deliver, as well as advice and support whenever needed.

Our company has been extremely satisfied with the work that Tony has undertaken for us. The results and compliments from our online community are testament to that fact.

Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

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