The MyLA memberzone touchscreen.

MyLA Memberzone - touchscreen

Client: LA Fitness

Job Type: Contracted

Tags: Build - HTML5, CSS3, jQuery


I was contracted to work with the Web Development team at LA Fitness as a front end developer, initially on a 1 month contract. I was responsible for taking the PSDs and wireframes supplied by an agency and building the HTML and CSS that would work with a safe browser for the touchscreen info point that was going into every club.

The browser worked with web standards and was HTML5 compliant. So I built the interface around HTML5 and CSS3 using jQuery and a variety of plugins that would enable access to scrolling, sliding and paging the information on the interface. I worked with a team of back-end developers that would take my files and plug them into the back-end.

Tony has been fundamental in the construction and high quality of our new myLA touch screen web sites, as well as the mobile version of the same. He has been professional throughout the entire process and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone considering working with him in the future.

Stephen Horn, Database Manager/Lead Developer, LA Fitness

View on-site: at any LA Fitness club.