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Anthony Otyehel

Front-end web developer and graphic designer

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I am a front-end web developer and graphic designer currently living in Sheffield. I am looking forward to new and challenging projects working with my own clieants and any businesses that require graphic design or front-end web development support.

So why not get in touch and trust in a professional graphic designer and web developer who will work as hard as you. Check out my details below and call me to find out about how I can help you reach your goals.

Recent work

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My skillset is always developing over time as I become exposed to new techniques and technologies, however, rather than state what I can't do I will only state what I can. The level indicators below show my confidence in a particular skill and are only meant to be broad indicators.

In a nutshell, these are some of the main points:

  • I have demonstrable experience of visual web design and front end web development work.
  • I have a good working knowledge of modern W3C Web Standards, HTML/XHTML/HTML5 and CSS best practices.
  • I have a good understanding of accessibility and the methods used for making websites accessible.
  • I can hand code semantic HTML mark-up and maintainable CSS style sheets using LESS and SASS.
  • I have an intermediate understanding of JavaScript, and an applied understanding of jQuery.
  • I have developed many cross-browser compatible UI's and responsive websites.
  • I have a lot of experience working with older browsers from IE6 upwards.
  • I have good communication skills and am very experienced at working as part of a team or as an individual, able to manage my own tasks.
  • I have a good eye for detail and awareness of the main principals of UI design.
  • I am very experienced using Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and image optimisation.
  • I have a good understanding of source code control systems, including SVN and GIT.

Web development


It seems a while now since I last worked with XHTML, which I favoured over HTML4 - nowadays I only work in HTML5 using Modernizr to deal with older browsers and creating well-formed, semantic markup. One advantage of having programmed HTML for over 20 years is that you learn from your mistakes, and in my case I seldom make them twice. Techniques constantly change, and I always try and keep up with the pace of change. HTML5 has been a breath of fresh air and has brought a great deal of stability to the markup that is created today.


I would say that I am extremely good with CSS and have many, many years of experience using it in all the projects I have worked on all the way back to 1996 when I created my first commercial website. My expertise lies in creating cross browser CSS, especially for older browsers down to IE6 and also responsive layouts. I have created my own grid system using LESS whereby a 12 or 16 column layout can be created with variables set up for a variety of margins and spacing.


I initially started using SASS, then some places that I have worked at used LESS. Either way, they adopt fairly similar approaches to generating CSS and I feel confident using both. Recently I have been working on my own grid system using LESS whereby a 16 column layout can be created with variables set up for a variety of margins and spacing and on more general projects I have opted for SASS.


I have used jQuery extensively, and though I wouldn't say that I have knowledge of the full stack, I do use a lot of it for HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling and animation. I am confident using it and am always expanding my knowledge of how best to leverage it's potential.


I came to javascript late in the day, after using jQuery, and have what I would call a rudimentary working knowledge of javascript - but in no sense would I consider myself a javascript developer. I am able to write small bespoke pieces of javascript where necessary, but mostly I use jQuery.


I worked with JSON for the about ten months whilst working with a client's framework, Adapt, amending it and building content using it. Grunt and Gulp tasks were run to compile and compress the project builds and would raise any erros. The JSON was used to create content which was then parsed using JS written into the framework.


I worked with XML for the about ten months whilst working with a client's frameworks, amending it and building content using it. The XML was used to create content which was then parsed using JS written into the framework.


I tend not to get too involved in MVC frameworks, though I do appreciate how they work and have had some experience of adjusting the javascript in views in order to change the way that a page is rendered or data is handled by a template. It is an area that I am willing to learn, and am learning during each project I work on.


I have been using Handlebar templates in client frameworks for a while now, where JSON has been parsed and passed-in, and these have been relatively easy to maintain and work with.

Grunt and Gulp

I have been using Grunt quite a lot on recent jobs where tasks were set up for the client frameworks I have worked on, also for compiling my own LESS/SASS to CSS and more recently GULP, though I am seldom involved in the actual writing of the configs (apart from my own).


I have coded a large number of websites to meet WCAG 1.0 which, even with the release of WCAG 2.0), I regard as a better set of guidelines that work more in favour of the user. Though I have been less involved in deploying accessibility in recent years, I still understand the main principles.

Version Control

Working with a variety of clients I have had to use a variety of repo technologies for version control from SVN to Git using either third party programmes or the terminal. On some projects the repositories have been on GitHub, whilst others in BitBucket.

Responsive Web Design

A lot of my recent work has been involved in taking existing websites and internal frameworks that were fixed dimensions, and making them responsive. These have been achieved using either Skeleton (a light weight basic CSS grid system) which I have enhanced or the Bootstrap framework as well as some client's own frameworks.

This is an ever evolving technology and methods keep progressing over time and very quickly, so it wouldn't be a surprise if there are huge shifts in responsive techniques used over the last few years.

I am very confident coding responsive websites and I am aware of the many challenges as well as opportunities it can bring to a business.


I have spent 6 months working with the Adapt framework at CG Kineo, mainly theming eLearning courses for clients such as The FA (Football Association), Barclays, KPMG, BUPA, International SOS and Samsung to name but a few.

The Adapt framework is a generic, reusable codebase for e-learning courses. The Framework is a JavaScript client-side application that delivers Responsive e-learning.

E-Learning content is defined in JSON files which are included into a package along with various components or plugins. The Adapt Framework takes these JSON files, applies them to the included components and builds Responsive HTML5 pages using them.

Graphic Design

Adobe Photoshop

I use Adobe Photoshop nearly every day in visualising, photographic retouching or web design. I have used it extensively for may years and though I will not know all the functions available, I am more than competent in producing engaging and rich graphics using Photoshop.

Adobe Illustrator

I often use Adobe Illustrator, mainly for technical drawings when planning exhibitions or for creating icons and logotypes when working on branding projects. I mainly use Illustrator for 2D work where I am most comfortable.

Adobe InDesign

I have worked in Desk Top Publishing, originally with Quark, and I remember the switch over to InDesign. All my print design work and exhibition layout artwork is produced using InDesign. A true powerhouse for print design and publishing.

Apple Keynote

This may be a strange one to have down, but I have used Keynote to produce visually rich presentations for events and companies. It is a simple and quick tool for producing presentations that can be either shown, or distributed easily in PDF format.

What my clients say...

  • Tony has worked with us as a Front End Developer for ten months. During that time he has made invaluable contributions to our projects and our business. He has worked in a variety of technologies and always been willing to learn how we work and has suggested improvements where he can see opportunities. In addition Tony has a broad skill-base and has picked up alternative tasks when the core FED work has been delayed.

    His work has always been of a high standard and where there has been a need for problem solving he has demonstrated great tenacity and thoroughness resulting in satisfied clients both internal and external.

    Tony is a very popular and valued member of our team and I would not hesitate to employ him again should project work demand his skills.

    Wendy Weller-Davies, Project Director at Kineo

  • Having Tony work on my web presence overall has brought order to an otherwise chaotic image being presented of the Company. His attention to detail, great suggestions and image ideas are making a huge impact online. Visuals and styling are always fresh and modern and our websites are now fully responsive.

    Our online campaigns are always recognisable as Tony ensures that the quality is always kept high, right from an email in your inbox to the website.

    Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

  • "An absolutely fantastic job" – Right from mock-ups to the final product, Tony has his finger on the pulse. Our social media campaign, website event pages, leaflets and exhibition stand all blended wonderfully together, giving us the size and clout of a company much bigger than we are!

    Tony Herbert, CEO Acquablend

  • Just thought we would drop a short note to say how please we are with work you have undertaken to upgrade our business website. The new website is far more responsive and with additional features and controls you have put in place, we now have the flexibility to manage the site far more effectively.

    From our initial enquiries with you, your works have been efficiently carried out with no fuss and your company remained very open to any changes that were requested. We look forward to benefiting from your efforts.

    S. Buckley, Senior Contract Manager, R Benson

  • With English My Way, Tony went far beyond the brief of 'a modified 'Learn My Way' to produce a design that very much had it's own identity. He worked collaboratively with the rest of the team to deliver a site that has been well received by stakeholders and end users alike. His skill and speed have been hugely helpful in being able to deliver to the deadline.

    James Speake, Head of Digital, Tinder Foundation

  • I was thoroughly impressed when Visutech built my website that I’ve gone back and asked them to make more front-end enhancements. Which they did, and in such a short time-frame. I’m left impressed yet again. You always go above and beyond expectation. Thank you.

    Daisy Amodio, Founder of The Proposers

  • Thank you for all of your hard work to date carried out on behalf of LTC Southern Ltd, your design work on the creation of our website has been of a high quality, your work has also prompted positive comments from our own clients. Your professional approach, attention to detail and quick response to all queries and website amendments has significantly added value to our business.

    Thank you again for all your support over recent months and years, we wish you and Visutech well and look forward to working with you in the future.

    Dave Richard, Business Development Manager, LTC Southern


My experience covers many years where I have worked contracted or in full time employment, but always developing my skills and contributing in a positive way to either a product or a company's presence.

2004 - present

Visutech Design Limited : Owner

I mainly contract directly or through agencies to a wide variety of companies, in the past these have been based in and around London, but more recently I have moved to Sheffield where most of my work has been.

I also run my own business mainly on a freelance basis and have supported a number of private clients including Acquablend, The Proposers, R.Benson, LTC Southern, Corbis, Joe Public Advertising (Rohan email campaigns), ECIL (Ealing Centre for Independent Living), echelon Consultancy to name but a few.

You can find out more in recent work.

Feb 2000 - July 2004

Michael Page International (London) : Senior Creative Designer

Accountancy Additions website, Michael Page international website and Michael Page emailer.I was responsible for the design of the Michael Page International websites along with Brad Down who was the art director at the time. After his departure I worked on the design of the Accountancy Additions website, both of which won several recruitment website awards during my time there.

My responsibilities included supporting the development team with layout templates and interface elements which had to be built into an awkward content management system. The role also included producing HTML emailers, and bespoke mini websites.

As the workload increased another member of the team came on board who I had to train and whose workload I managed.

michael Page brand video.As time went on, the role diversified into multimedia as I produced the Michael Page corporate video and numerous presentations for senior management using Final Cut Pro and Keynote.

The role demanded a key understanding of developing websites with HTML, CSS, javascript and the integration of databases such as SQL. I also had to provide advice and technical support for multimedia and web design projects to management.

I provided technical support and troubleshooting for the Macintosh systems that were in use including overseeing the entire studio migration from OS 9 to OS X.

Sept 1998 - Jan 2000

Artaban Design - Budapest : Senior Graphic Designer

Yacht brochure and UNESCO brochure for Artaban.Artaban Design are a creative design studio based in the heart of Budapest serving a multitude of international clients primarily in print.

I was a senior designer producing a wide range of printed material including catalogues, brochures, leaflets, advertising, posters as well as interior signage systems and some website design.

Responsible for producing conceptual work for tender and then production of final artwork for print. I provided technical support and maintenance of the Macintosh systems. I helped increase the available skill set of the company and generate business enabling it to grow into previously untapped markets.

Earlier work experience up to 1998

Before the dawn of personal computing, around 1986, I was working as a paste-up artist, poster writer and repro photographer as well as helping with litho and silk screen printing at William Morrisons Supermarkets printing department. As technology advanced I wanted to become more involved in design and became a computer aided designer operating both CAD and CAM for Duff Signs, digitising and cutting lettering and logos using an early Apple II workstation.

Both these jobs, in my home town of Bradford, established the basic philosophies of typography, layout and the respect for white space within me and still remain with me today.

After diversifying and gaining a BSc 2:1 (Hons) degree in Industrial Product Design at Coventry University, and not being able to find a job in a saturated marketplace, I returned to graphics as a high end digital retoucher working on Silicon Graphics workstations for McKenzie Clarke in London.

Notting Hill Housing Trust charity brochure and housing leaflet.Afterwards I became the sole graphic designer for the Notting Hill Housing Trust producing all their corporate literature, charity and promotional literature.

As the market for good designers and artworkers picked up, I left to become a freelance designer and artworker, which I did for many years in London with clients such as Realtime Studios, Ernst & Young, Michael Page, M&C Saatchi to name but a few.

About me

I am a web designer and front-end developer currently seeking a new contract ideally in or around Sheffield. I am looking forward to a new and challenging project to work on either as an individual or as part of a team. Earliest available date : 4 Sept 2017.

My particular expertise is in HTML and CSS with jQuery, responsive web development and particularly front-end HTML/CSS solutions for older browsers (IE6 and above).

I have my own limited company, equipment (Mac) and indemnity insurance - which should make hiring me within your organisation a lot easier and cheaper than hiring me through an agency.

If you are farther afield I can work remotely with a few days on-site for briefings and catch-ups.

Personal Details

Name: Anthony Otyehel
Date of birth: 05/09/1968
Status: Married
Nationality: British


1991 - 1994 : Coventry University
2:1 BSc (Hons) Industrial Product Design

1990 - 1991 : Coventry Polytechnic
HITECC diploma in Engineering, Technology and Applied Science

1983 - 1986 : St. Bede's Grammar School - 8 O’levels

Languages : Conversational Hungarian

Affiliation: GAWDS (Guild of Accessible Web Designers)

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I firmly believe that I add value to every project I work on and that given the opportunity, I can also help you reaching your goals, whether that is a quick fix to some CSS you are having difficulty with to making a whole website responsive.

So if you are interested in hiring me please call mecall me in the first instance so we can discuss the scale of your project and how we can best work together.